The LUCK Concept

The LUCK concept is an integration of four areas to accomplish true change management. The concept is designed to meet several challenges exposed to managers, price leaders and employees in our current disruptive times. Challenges include

Ever faster decisions on often scarce information base
Higher demands on just-in-time delivery
Higher quality demands
Expected transparency
General knowledge of VMSO – Vision, Mission, Strategies, Operative goals and measures
Ubiqutous information access
Information access – what I need, when I need it but not overwhelming
Being a great member of the society
Really loving our customers
Designing offers where neither developer nor customer holds the specs
Deeper knowledge in cognitive functions and reactions
Accepting a broader spectrum of perspectives but avoiding being congested

What challenges are YOU facing?

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The LUCK Concept consists of:

Lean Leadership; continuous improvements by No Blame, Sharing, Transparency

Unifying communications: services for enhanced visibility, sharing, storing and search

Coaching skills: ability to co-create engaging goals, empower and achieve results

Kognition: actions, interactions and reactions

Our services in the LUCK Concept include basic training and workshops as well as high-level seminars and Management Team/CEO support.

The book is currently available in Swedish only (get it here) but an English version is under way! (Preliminary date of release: October 2016)