Executive Coaching

Demands on leaders of today are high – and they’re not getting any lower. Leaders today need to grasp more data, decide on more options – and operate with trust. Trust in their own staff is essential as most operations today are too complicated and handled by experts for any human to understand the full picture.

Meanwhile, transparency increases and the surrounding world in terms of media and public are increasingly interested in your activities. As most successful athletes need someone external supporting them in ordeals and decisions – so do a lot of successful leaders. Just as with athletes, “there’s nothing to fix”, but a myriad of decisions to take. And taking them on the right base is essential as so many of your experts depend on your strategic decisions – and your ability to communicate them.

With an executive coach you can have:

* Someone who shares many of your experiences – and can support you mentally in your multitude of decisions necessary

* Your devil’s advocate who dares to challenge you in times when few of your staff dares

* Highlights some of the issues your board may ask you anyway

* Sees some of your strengths you still aren’t aware of

* Brings forward additional perspectives needed

* Bringing out some of the stronger sides for tougher times and situations

* Supporting you in tricky communication situations internally and externally

* A crash course in Social Media and some more of services needed in todays organisations


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We perform under the guidelines as defined by ICF – International Coach Federation

I was trained by the CTI – Coach Training Institute of California, USA