We’ve experienced a tremendous interest in the LUCK Concept. So. We’re updating this page with what we’re REALLY doing. Do connect if interested – and you’re need isn’t listed here! /Johan

Whether you are in Sales, Leadership or Project Management – we love working with you!

If you’re interested in what Lean Production, Coaching and Social Media can bring to your business, well you’ve come to the right place.

Our customers enjoy the following of our services, ranging from support when needed, coaching to enhance skills and

Management advide and emergeny support program

Inspirational presentation:

Currently several of these are on the subject what The LUCK Concept means in Leadership, Sales, Project Management – and more. Format: 30 min to an hour – or your need.

Current subjects:

Enterprise 2.0 – what’s to expect in future organisations? What signs are visible already today?

Project Management 3.0 – we all know there’s a lot to be done to projects. The LUCK Concept includes a number of thrilling possibilities.

Appraisals – or Strategic Development meetings? The annual employer feedback meeting is developing into something we really need on a fast-moving market

Brain knowledge for Managers and Leaders – all work today is cognitive, meaning every single employee really need to use their brains. Far from that old Factory Style Control-and-Command leadership where own thinking was a threat to management. Add to this an ever-increased complexity in our operations – no-one can claim full understanding and control over the full process. Trust is the solution, as is shared vision.

Training formats:

Traditional format – but the content is top range updated! The trainings include skills essential for actors in the disruptive era we are now entering. Subjects include:

Introduction of Lean
Making Lean work – live mapping, learning and and projecting development
Sales – enhancing sales, developing KAM, introducing Lean Sales
Sales Management – Best Practices training in developing sales
Key Account Management – a Sales approach moving upstream and deeping relations
Project Management

LUCK Training programs

Introduction: 1 day
Continued development 2 days + 1 day followup
Practitioner training (under development)